Steve Langone

Agile Enablement

Steve is the Senior Director of Agile Enablement at Triverus with over 20 years of expertise in several areas of program management, delivery, and digital transformation. He is a certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) with experienced at enabling teams, scaling agile methodologies and practices, and creating alignment between business and IT. He has helped and coached organizations to improve outcomes across the Financial Services, Commercial & Retail, Health& Insurance, and Software industries.

Before Triverus, Steve was with CGI in the Commercial & Retail sector where successfully implemented several large lean-agile transformations transitioning from waterfall projects. Prior to CGI, he was with Collaborative Consulting in the Financial Services sector delivering scalable products and solutions for enterprise-wide strategic initiatives focused on deepening customer relationships.

Steve currently lives in New Hampshire with wife, two daughters,and Basil their pug who runs the show. He enjoys movies with his family and lounging by the pool in the summertime.