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Looking to be part of a team? Be empowered? Be challenged?
Our desire to enhance the value inherent in our clients, colleagues and communities inspires opportunity, challenge and a sense of belonging.

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Committed to
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Being Triverus

Ensuring our actions support our commitment to each other, creating value while never compromising our values of respect, fairness, transparency, partnership, commitment and integrity.

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Our Commitment to
Each Other

Supporting one another holistically, having empathy, voicing appreciation, maintaining honesty, being vulnerable, and holding ourselves and each other accountable for learning and growth.

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Our Commitment to Creating Value

Unwavering commitment to delivering value for our clients, our colleagues and the community consistent with our mission and vision.

Why work at Triverus?

Enjoy working with people you respect while having fun.

Career Opportunities
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Remote & Close

We are 100% remote without feeling remote.

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Work With Great People

Grow in an environment that encourages and fosters learning and camaraderie.

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Peer-to-peer celebration and recognition programs to highlight individual and team contributions.

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Celebrate You

From life events and personal interests to professional achievements, be your whole you.

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Enjoy Your Birthday

Never work on your birthday and enjoy generous time off.

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Give Back

Numerous opportunities to support the world around us, and a paid day off each year to volunteer.

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Diversity + Inclusion

We focus on developing and fostering a community centered on diversity, equity and inclusion, and work to empower those around us.

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Career Growth

Challenging opportunities, learning support through Triverus University and a career coach focused on supporting YOU.

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Financial Well-being

Competitive salary, profit sharing, bonuses and 401(k).

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Health + Wellness

Great medical benefits, sponsored events that keep our team active, and meditations for your mental well-being.

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We come together virtually and in person for Celtics games, baking classes, candle making, dice games, pop quizzes, virtual trips around the world and more.

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A colleague-driven group dedicated to perpetuating a diverse and inclusive culture where people are safe, seen, heard, respected and feel a sense of belonging.

What our colleagues say

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“I love working at a company that is genuinely dedicated to its Three Truths-clients, colleagues and community.”

Triverus has encouraged and supported my professional growth and provides opportunities to be a part of, and give back to, different communities. Plus, trivia nights are always a blast!

Kate Radoycis, Information Engineering
Photo of Mert Ozsaydi with transparent background

“Colleagues are encouraged to innovate and collaborate while providing business value for our clients.”

Very soon after joining, it became clear Triverus cares deeply about the clients and community we engage with. The partnership and teamwork creates a growth mindset with career development opportunities.

Mert Ozsaydi, Software Engineering

We are always seeking passionate, talented people

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Early Career

From entry-level college students to people who have been working for a few years, Early Career professionals are open to trying multiple career paths and have a yearning to learn and improve themselves. Typical qualifications:

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, IT, engineering or statistics
  • Strong mathematical, analytic and problem solving skills
  • Coursework, training or experience in data architecture, data science, data integration, business intelligence or visualization.
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Leaders are typically mid-career and have begun to master their craft. They ‘major’ in architecture, technology, project management, analysis or quality but have the knowledge and versatility to span into other areas. With a yearning to learn, improve themselves and share their knowledge with other colleagues, their passion for delivering business results is consistent. Standard qualifications:

  • Strong relationship-building and interpersonal skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Knowledge of how their craft is applied to data-centric projects.
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Experts have a focus on hard skills of architecture, technology, project management, analysis or quality; and they also possess exemplary relationship building skills that endear them to clients and colleagues. With a yearning to impart their knowledge, Experts are the ‘go-to people’ and are humbled by that role, always willing to provide colleagues advice or go the extra mile for a client. Standard qualifications:

  • Exemplary relationship-building and interpersonal skills
  • Exceptional written and oral communication skills
  • Deep experience in architecture, technology, project management, analysis, quality or client service management.

Imagine How You Can Contribute and Benefit

Our desire to enhance the value inherent in our clients, colleagues and communities inspires opportunity, challenge and a sense of belonging.

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For our Clients

Add value while doing interesting work
Experience challenging roles
Engage with a variety of companies and industries
Partner with companies that make a difference

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With our Colleagues

Learn and share with others who genuinely like helping each other
Experience belonging, respect and transparency
Engage in the camaraderie
Have fun

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In our Community

Stay connected through activities for colleagues and families
Contribute to efforts that enhance the world around us
Participate in charitable events
Attend events to learn and grow

Career Opportunities

Work with a community of talented IT professionals focused on doing good work with good people while having fun.