About Triverus

A trusted IT consulting company, we partner with clients to turn data into business value—ensuring people have access to the right information, in the right form, at the right time, in a secure and compliant manner.

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Female leadership

Our Vision — "Three Truths"

Triverus was founded with a desire to enhance the value inherent in
our clients, colleagues and community.

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Partnership and teamwork are more than buzzwords; they are simply how we work.
We strive to create a differentiated experience for our clients through sustained delivery and consistent client services. We invest the time to build trusting relationships that are based on results and a deep caring for client success.

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We enjoy what we do and the people we work with.
Our colleagues seek to make a difference while having fun. Bringing together talented, like-minded people from diverse backgrounds is core to the Triverus culture, which is based on respect for the individual, both personally and professionally.

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Diversity of ideas enhances the value for all.
The Triverus community is committed to enhancing the world around us by participating in a diverse set of communities. Whether it be professional groups, charities, local municipalities or school systems, we all gain from participating.

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Origin: latin (pref.)
A combining form meaning "three," used in the formation of compound words


Origin: latin (adj.)
true, authentic, genuine, honest, sincere, veracious

Our Values and Actions

Our values are reflected in who we are, how we work and what we do. We appreciate our partnerships and consistently support activities and organizations that help us learn and grow.

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Boston Women's Workforce Council logo
Boston Women's Workforce Council
100% Talent Compact signer
Gender & Racial Wage Gap report contributor
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MA LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce
Proud member since our inception.
MA Supplier Diversity Office badge logo
Massachusetts Supplier Diversity Office
Certified business in the SDO directory.
MA Technology Leadership Council logo
Mass Technology Leadership Council
Active member since our inception.
Women's Business Enterprise logo
Women's Business Enterprise
We are a certified WBE since our inception.

Fun Facts

Fueled with a growth mindset, we are talented, motivated and fun.

Join our team
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Can you say Triverus?

1 out of 7 people can pronounce "Triverus" the first time they say it.

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Our leadership team is 57% women.

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You Rock!

Triverus regularly sends rocks to colleagues because they rock.

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Giving Back

We actively give back—we shop, volunteer, donate, walk, run, bike and swim.

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Family & Friends

Family and friends are often invited to participate in our events.

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The idea that "we don't take ourselves too seriously" is taken seriously.

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Triverus swag is often described as "lit merch!"

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Remote + Close

We are 100% remote without feeling remote.