Community - Growing Together

The Triverus community is committed to enhancing the world around us by participating in a diverse set of communities. Whether it be professional groups, charities, local cities, and towns or a school system, we all gain from participating. Diversity of ideas enhances value for all.


Image representing diversity, equity, inclusion and justice.

Triverus is committed to fostering an environment where diversity is embraced, and all colleagues are treated with equality, respect and dignity. It is imperative that our colleagues have a sense of belonging and that their unique and diverse experiences and backgrounds are appreciated and valued.  We encourage our colleagues to engage, share information and learn as we work towards doing better and being better at Triverus and the world around us.  

To support our commitment, we established a community center to share information, a discussion group to create awareness and discuss issues and opportunities impacting our colleagues and community, and a book club to challenge, learn and educate ourselves.  We actively look at opportunities that help us do better and be better, which include event participation and sponsorship.

Giving Back

In our efforts to enhance the world around us, we seek out opportunities to engage and give back to our community including the organizations noted here.
Collection of Logos from community organizations we serve.

Community Events

We strive to bring together our colleagues together outside of work to build camaraderie and have fun. Triverus colleagues enjoy getting to know each other and spending time together, and we sometimes have the pleasure of meeting family members too.
Coffee and Connection in 2020
Triverus' Third Anniversary Celebration
Triverus 5K Challenge