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Our Services

Our services focus on ensuring that you are on the right path and getting value as quickly as possible.

Cloud Migration Strategy and Implementation

Figure out how to leverage cloud technologies and capabilities to achieve business value, then do it!

Rapid Information Strategy and Execution

Define your target architecture and plan to get there with an eye on delivering business value now and revising along the way.

Architecture and Technology Transformation

Take advantage of bold new capabilities by leveraging new and established technologies guided by a solid architecture.

Data Management Execution and Support

Quality, integrity, integration and conformity in your data, are essential to realizing its value. We can help get you there.

Reporting and Analytics Execution and Support

Need reporting, advanced visualization, business intelligence and data science help? We can help you from execution through to day-to-day support.

Practical Data Governance

Everyone talks about governance but few, if any, do it well. Use our practical approach to govern one of your most important assets.

Agile Project Execution

Accelerate delivery of technology solutions, digital transformations and other initiatives leveraging Agile techniques. Our approach adapts proven Agile practices to your unique organization to achieve success.


Ensuring information is at the right place at the right time in a secure and compliant manner requires integration. Our architects are experienced in all of the leading integration approaches and how to implement the right approach for your solution.


Successful delivery requires the right people. Triverus colleagues have the skills and expertise to deliver results.

Case Studies

Digital Transformation of a Premier Medical Journal

Triverus led a solution implementation for a major medical journal seeking to drive additional revenue and increase customer engagement through a digital transformation program. This program focused on unifying their customer's identity and commerce experience across previously siloed brands allowing for a better user experience, while also increasing cross sell and upsell opportunities for the client.

Triverus implemented the clients’ premier brand on a unified platform. The implementation included a program team of over 80 members who collaborated on 150+ integrations across 40 systems, as well as a migration of 4 million users.

Technology Strategy
Drone Data Lake MVP

The Massachusetts DOT – Aeronautics Division had developed the Drone Pilot Program with the mission to leverage drones to provide imagery, video and other artifacts to various departments throughout the Commonwealth. These artifacts could assist with various activities such as bridge inspections, culvert inspections and snow removal monitoring, among others. Triverus was engaged to help MassDOT establish a Data Lake solution, allowing for the Aeronautics team to easily store and classify imagery, while providing a usable interface for their team of pilots in the field.

Public Sector
Solution Implementation
Suite of Operational Care Management Dashboards

Triverus led the deployment of multiple Utilization and Care Management dashboards to monitor caseload life-cycle, volume, productivity and audit compliance for the largest non-profit health care organization in the state.

Launching a Data Migration for a Global, Online Automotive Marketplace

A global, online automotive marketplace that offers an online application that connects automotive consumers with dealers and their inventory. The online marketplace’s growth strategy is to offer new and enhanced products and services. To accomplish this, enhancement of their sales, marketing and billing applications as well as a means to migrate existing data was required. The marketplace partnered with Triverus to drive the migration and integration to support this strategic initiative.

Solution Implementation
Technology Strategy
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Security Remediation

As a national distributor of foods grew its operation and expanded the use of various cloud providers, the company realized that its security policies and processes were implemented inconsistently across organizations and providers. In order to address this growing concern, they engaged Triverus as a strategic technology partner to assist in developing a roadmap for comprehensive remediation of their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) security posture.

Data Liability Protection
Technology Strategy
Moving from SSIS to Azure Data Factory (ADF)

A Specialty Insurance company engaged Triverus to assist them in an effort to move from their on-premises SQL Server Information Services (SSIS) infrastructure to Microsoft’s cloud-based Azure Data Factory (ADF) for their enterprise data and reporting solution. By changing data migration tools, the organization’s goal was to move company data in a more efficient and cost-effective manner, and with the addition of upgraded infrastructure the resulting solution would improve reliability, simplify support requirements, and speed time to market for enterprise reporting solutions.

Solution Implementation
Modernization of Key Reporting Platform to the Cloud

Triverus led the migration to the cloud of a key, public facing reporting platform used by citizens, journalists, economists, researchers and government officials to access detailed information on state labor markets.

Public Sector
Software Engineering
Solution Implementation