Tristan Lewis

Information Architecture

Tristan is a Director at Triverus with over 20 years of experience in data warehousing, data integration, business intelligence, and performance engineering. He has led the architecture, design, and implementation of many successful projects in these areas.  Tristan is adept at discussing complex data topics with diverse sets of business and technical stakeholders to come to a common understanding of the challenges to be addressed and ensuring that the appropriate solution is applied to meet the requirements.

Before Triverus, Tristan was part of the Information Management group at Collaborative Consulting, where he led several of their largest data warehousing and data integration projects. Earlier, Tristan worked at CSC in their Systems Architecture and Performance Engineering groups.  His work at CSC included research in their database performance lab where he conducted tests across a wide range of database and hardware platforms to establish best practice recommendations for these technologies.

Tristan and his wife, Caron, have two children, Natalie, 6, and Julia, 4. He enjoys cycling and boating and visits to tropical destinations when the weather turns too cold for these activities.