Ahmet Mert Hacialiefendioglu

Software Engineering

Ahmet Mert Hacialiefendioglu is a Senior Consultant at Triverus with 3+ years of experience in Software Engineering. He has expertise in object-oriented programming languages, mobile and web developments, statistical computing, data science and Git Workflow.

Ahmet received a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer and Information Science from Binghamton University and Istanbul Technical University. He received his master’s degree in computer science at Case Western Reserve University.

Prior to joining Triverus, Ahmet was a full stack software developer at Snow Joe, helping build and maintain the company's sole e-commerce platform which was used nationwide. He also worked as a research assistant where he was responsible for the development of computational algorithms and tools to integrate and mine various types of data on intimate partner violence as part of a funded research project.

Besides being a techie, Ahmet enjoys solving riddles, composing music, hiking and camping. He loves to develop strong bonds with his colleagues and clients, just as with his friends.