Early Career, Leaders, and Experts

What You Can Do

Our early career needs span from entry level college students to people who have been working for a few years. Typical qualifications for a consultant early in their careers are: 

  • Bachelors degree in information technology, engineering, computer science, or statistics
  • ‍Strong mathematical, analytic and problem solving skills
  • ‍Coursework, training or experience in data architecture, data science, data integration, business intelligence or visualization
  • ‍A yearning to learn and improve themselves
  • ‍Ability to multitask
  • Openness to try multiple career paths

Leaders are people who are typically mid-career and have begun to master their craft in architecture, technology, project management, analysis or quality. They ‘major’ in one of these crafts but have the knowledge and versatility to span into other areas. Their passion for delivering business results is consistent.

The qualifications for leaders will differ by areas of expertise; the standard qualifications are:

  • ‍Proven experience in architecture, technology, project management, analysis or quality
  • ‍Strong interpersonal skills
  • ‍Strong written and oral communication skills
  • ‍Knowledge of how their craft is applied to data centric projects
  • ‍A yearning to learn, improve themselves and share their knowledge with other colleagues
  • ‍Strong relationship building skills

Experts are people who have deep experience in their craft. Experts have a focus on the hard skills of architecture, technology, project management, analysis or quality; and they also possess exemplary relationship building skills that endears them to clients and colleagues. Our experts are the ‘go-to people’ and they are humbled by that role. They are always willing to provide a colleague advise or go the extra mile for a client.

The qualifications for experts will differ by areas of expertise; the standard qualifications are:

  • Expert in architecture, technology, project management, analysis, quality or client service management
  • Exemplary interpersonal skill
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Deep passion for helping clients gain advantage from their data
  • A yearning to impart their knowledge on other colleagues
  • Strong relationship building skills

Why Work With Us?

  • Benefit from the experience of working in a diverse set of roles at many clients in multiple industries and technologies all local to Boston.
  • We are a new and growing company where your input will be highly valued. You will work with a great group of colleagues who genuinely like helping each other, and who want to make a difference in their communities and at their clients while also having fun.
  • Great benefits including bonus, profit sharing, flexible PTO and never work on your birthday.

Who You Are

A Leader: You are skilled in the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. When you see a ball on the ground you pick it up and run with it.

Motivated: You want to analyze and solve complex problems to help clients achieve their goals.

Ambitious: You are excited about learning new technologies and business concepts either through hands-on project work or professional development/training, and are always looking to progress to the next level either through your technical skills, project responsibilities, and more senior roles.

Transparent: You are thorough in presenting and communicating your work and the needs of a project with your peers, leadership and client teams.

A Team Player: You are looking for an environment where you have a chance to both learn from your colleagues and to help them expand their skills wherever you can.

Entrepreneurial: You are interested in making an impact on the overall development of the company. Triverus is a growing company where input from employees is critical to our success!

About Triverus

Triverus is an IT Consulting Services firm focused on helping clients transform their information into business value. Triverus was founded based on a desire to enhance the value inherent in our clients, colleagues and community; our "three truths".

Clients: We strive to create a differentiated experience for our clients through sustained delivery and consistent client services. We invest the time to build trusting relationships with our clients that are based on results and a deep caring for their success.

Colleagues: Enjoying what we do and the people we work with are core to Triverus. Our colleagues seek to make a difference while having fun. Bringing together talented, like-minded people from diverse backgrounds is core to the Triverus culture, which is based on respect for the individual, both personally and professionally.

Community: The Triverus community is committed to enhancing the world around us by participating in a diverse set of communities. Whether it be professional groups, charities, local municipalities or school systems, we all gain from participating. Diversity of ideas enhances the value for all.

Triverus Services

Our services focus on ensuring that our clients obtain lasting value as quickly as possible and include:

  • Rapid Information Strategy and Execution
  • Data Management Execution and Support
  • Reporting and Analytics Execution and Support
  • Cloud Migration Strategy and Implementation
  • Architecture and Technology Transformation
  • Practical Data Governance

Delivery of our services leverages expertise across the disciplines of architecture, development, management, analysis and quality.

Interested in Applying?

Send your resume beacolleague@triverusconsulting.com

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