Elizabeth Albee


Elizabeth is part of the Life Sciences team at Triverus. Some time ago, she made a deliberate choice to take her wealth of experience driving improvement in information management programs and focus on the life sciences sector—including pharma, biomed, biopharma, and biotech. In the years since that decision, she has helped guide numerous companies through the transition to born-digital processes and data-led planning.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping companies succeed by harnessing information to power innovation. Her strongest gifts lie in strategic planning, business alignment, and data governance—although she’s not shy about getting down into details if that’s what it takes to help people understand and communicate how daily minutiae align with the strategic goals and long-term good of the company.

Elizabeth loves traveling, especially to Nepal, and long-distance trekking. When not on the road in one way or another, she treasures time at home with her wife Michele and their teenage children.