Talented People Wanted

Laura Harriman

Triverus is a newly founded woman owned enterprise, with a corporate vision that includes enhancing the value that is inherent in our colleagues.  One way of doing this is to remove barriers to advancement.  It is in support of our vision, Triverus has signed The Boston Women’s Workforce Council’s 100% Talent Compact, a first-in-the- nation public-private partnership.  By signing, Triverus, along with 222 other businesses, has pledged to take concrete, measurable steps toward eliminating the gender gaps in wage and representation in their companies. 

Talent is essential to an organization’s success.  Finding and retaining talented people, especially in the Boston market, is one of the largest challenges for a company.  Being a start-up amplifies this challenge as we do not have a past.  At the same time provides a competitive advantage, as we don’t have a past.  We look to leverage all populations of talent in the Boston market.  In fact, culturally, Triverus believes that bringing together talented, like-minded people from diverse backgrounds and life experiences enriches our company, colleagues, community and those in our extended ecosystem.  We are proud to be part of Boston’s 100% Talent Compact.