Power Automate Solution - Vaccination Attestation

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a large-sized government client required that all their employees to provide a proof of vaccination, or vaccination attestation. Employees provided attestations to their human resources departments which were then matched against a central repository of vaccination attestation data. For individuals without an acceptable vaccination status or attestation, they were flagged for follow-up action. The client had a tight timeline with a hard deadline for the completion of this project.

Triverus partnered with the client to understand the problem quickly and documented the future workflow state to build a solution all in a little over two weeks.


• The Governor had given a strict date for all employees to submit a vaccination attestation by, which in turn gave the project a hard deadline to meet.

• Triverus were engaged towards the end of the timeline, with a little over two weeks until the wider organization expected the product for testing.

• The requirements for the project were being finalized and changed during the entirety of Triverus engagement.

• When Triverus was engaged, there was still ambiguity on how the post-data-capture workflow would occur.

• Data capture occurred on a public website, but only employees were able to submit attestations.

• As a large employer, employee data was subject to frequent change and had to be kept current.

• Only users with a direct business need were allowed access to the data.

In summary, the solution had to be flexible enough to be built to the deadline, malleable enough to absorb late requirement and process changes, as well as provide the functionality and data security required.


Triverus was successful in partnering with a cross-functional client team and provided a system in the timeframe that met their needs.

How We Helped

Upon being engaged, Triverus quickly assessed the current state of the project and with a timescale, proceeded on two simultaneous work streams:

1. A solution was architected, built and trialed using Power Automate to retrieve data from the client’s implementation of Form Stack for storage in SharePoint, based on a set of business rules. Use of SharePoint gave appropriate client users the ability to securely access and manipulate data based on a user’s existing Active Directory security authorization. This option presented some limitations, however, given the tight time constraints, this was the best option over a more robust solution.

2. Working with a cross-function of client teams, Triverus  documented the future state workflow for the attestation data capture and downstream processing, allowing the client greater insight into the complexities involved. This helped them understand the potential workload for teams and gave them the ability to weigh the pros and cons of automating a process – i.e. the manual processing time saved versus the impact to the project deadline by automating a workflow.

All of this was achieved using an agile method of delivery.

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