Modernization of Strategic Legacy Systems to the Cloud

Triverus led the Proof-of-Concept migration and triage of a large-scale, legacy ERP system.


The legacy platform is based on a 20-year old architecture that is poorly suited for the AWS cloud.  The organization needed to demonstrate the feasibility of migration of the ERP system and associated integrations to the cloud environment.


Triverus helped the client overcome many technical hurdles discovered during the initiative and to move forward with the modernization having addressed many critical challenges.  Triverus documented the approach and transitioned the effort back to the client for final testing and migration planning.

How We Helped

Triverus joined the ongoing proof-of-concept effort designed to flush out the appropriate architecture to support migration to the cloud.  We provided technical leadership and project management to plan and execute the proof-of-concept working closely with client team members and with AWS architects to address technical challenges.

Triverus leveraged our deep systems architecture knowledge, understanding of cloud best practices and client-defined cloud architectural standards to overcome significant technical hurdles.  We also helped define project plans to give management line-of-sight to remaining effort.

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