Modernization of Security Technology Platforms and Processes

Triverus provided program leadership and overall coordination for the program established to work across the organization to address the high-priority remediations. Triverus established a cross-organization process for tracking and reporting on progress while ensuring issues raised were addressed in a timely manner.


The client’s aging security infrastructure and legacy processes had evolved over years of departmental mergers and reorganizations. A review by internal and third-party security teams produced a list of high-priority vulnerabilities that spanned many parts of the organization.


Triverus led the remediation process to a successful conclusion. Each of the high-priority items were addressed, reviewed and approved by the third-party security team and internal security stakeholders.

How We Helped

Triverus brought a disciplined program management approach that enabled us to coordinate across multiple organizations and stakeholders. We leveraged this process to align stakeholders across organizations to ensure each item was correctly prioritized, executed and confirmed resolved.

Public Sector
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