Modernization of Mission Critical, Legacy System to the Cloud

The client is looking to modernize a 20+ year old, client-server system consisting of over 15 supporting integrated applications and databases and migration to their AWS cloud in order to realize security, operational and cost efficiencies.​


While the system supported the current business requirements, the legacy technology was expensive to operate and difficult to maintain. The legacy system was poorly documented and supported mostly via tribal knowledge.


The assessment determined that the legacy system could in fact be migrated although there were some areas identified with significant technical challenges. Triverus recommended a series of proofs-of-concept to inform the technical direction and reduce risk for the eventual migration. Triverus included these proofs-of-concept in the Migration Roadmap deliverable for this assessment.  Triverus was selected to execute the migration.​

How We Helped

Triverus’ broad expertise covering database technology, application architecture and cloud technology allowed us to quickly identify potential challenges and to work with the client to define approaches to overcome those challenges.

Public Sector
Technology Strategy
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