Life Sciences Information Management Data Flows and Inventory

Triverus helped a Life Sciences company understand their current state of information storage, transfer and access, identified potential risks and recommended future state improvements to the organization’s data access and protection.


With their first therapy approved and several promising drugs in various stages of development, the client was experiencing a steep growth trajectory.  The company’s data environment was also growing exponentially in size and complexity. With new leadership throughout much of the organization and the growing risk of mis-managed data, the client wanted to understand its data assets, their use in the organization, and establish ways to provision data and manage user access in a compliant manner.


Triverus captured relevant information about the technical systems that housed and transferred any sensitive patient identifiable data and developed data maps and recommendations for both business and IT organizations. These deliverables shed light on which individuals had access to sensitive data throughout the organization and provided the client with clear next steps to implement best practices for Information Asset Management within their organization. As the company is set to grow and expand in the coming years, providing better guidance to their Patient Services, Clinical, Human Resources and other organizations enables them to abide by a set of Information Asset Management best practices helps them ensure compliance with all federal regulations.

How We Helped

Triverus leveraged its expertise in Life Sciences and Information Asset Management to execute the first phase of the client’s Information Asset Management strategy. This included gaining a firm understanding of data across the enterprise; what data exists, where is it located, how is it transferred around the organization, who has access to it, and what risks exists (both legally and ethically) given the current state of data management at the organization.

Life Sciences
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