IT Commercial Launch Services for a Biotechnology Company

A pre-commercial biotechnology company was preparing for the commercial launch of a new treatment for which they were expecting approval in the next 12-18 months. They needed to develop a roadmap to stand up several new business functions and accompanying Information Technology capabilities and also ensure that roadmap timeline was adhered to, to support a successful launch.

The company was looking for a trusted partner that understood their business needs and financial constraints to develop and manage the IT enablment of  a launch roadmap that would maximize business value while controlling costs.


The pre-commercial biotechnology company had a minimal Information Technology presence, however, to support the launch they needed to undertake a series of initiatives to select and implement the technologies and infrastructure needed to support a wide range of new business capabilities. To develop an Information Technology (IT) enablement roadmap to achieve these capabilities, a discovery process was required to understand the organization’s directional approach, business and IT and data management capabilities. After the IT enablement roadmap was complete and the capabilities identified, a series of rapid technology selections were made by a  growing commercial business community, some of whom had never participated in a selection process before. Once the core technologies/platforms were selected, another series of selections had to be made for the system integration vendors. Managing the IT enablement implementation plan with multiple vendors, multiple integrated components and a growing commercial team was the final challenge.


The Triverus team worked with the pre-commercial biotechnology company to conduct an IT Launch Readiness Assessment and create a Commercial IT Launch Roadmap. The assessment identified several capabilities including customer relationship management (CRM), content management, revenue management, serialization, learning management and data analytics that needed appropriate technology solutions.  The roadmap outlined an actionable set of initiatives with a realistic budget to maximize the value of technology in support of the launch of this company’s first commercial product. Triverus then went on to implement the roadmap by first running a series of rapid tool and system integration vendor selections and then program managing the integrated implementation, resulting in complete IT readiness prior to the successful commercial launch of the product.

How We Helped

To execute its proven IT Launch Readiness Assessment methodology, Triverus brought a team of experienced Life Science subject matter experts to conduct the assessment and develop the detailed roadmap. Over the course of this  assessment engagement, the Triverus team met with business leadership across the commercial, supply chain, medical, market access, finance and HR groups to determine the needs of the biotechnology company and define a right-sized roadmap and budget for launch. The Triverus team then went on to lead the client through a series of rapid tool and system integration vendor selections and then provide overall IT program management and architecture expertise to ensure that the client was IT-ready prior to launch, ensuring that the product was launched on time and on budget.

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