Digital Transformation of a Premier Medical Journal

Triverus led a solution implementation for a major medical journal seeking to drive additional revenue and increase customer engagement through a digital transformation program. This program focused on unifying their customer's identity and commerce experience across previously siloed brands allowing for a better user experience, while also increasing cross sell and upsell opportunities for the client.

Triverus implemented the clients’ premier brand on a unified platform. The implementation included a program team of over 80 members who collaborated on 150+ integrations across 40 systems, as well as a migration of 4 million users.

  • Cultural and organizational change - Each brand had different approaches to commerce and the representation of their customers. Aligning the organization to the benefits of the unified commerce and customer platform proved even more challenging than anticipated.
  • Multiple organizations functioning as one team – While Triverus led the overall engagement there were resources from 4 additional consulting companies and the client that all needed to operate as one unit to deliver. Integrating the cultures and work habits of resources from these organizations took concentrated effort.
  • External Dependencies – the unified platform integrates with 40 different systems, many of those systems are managed by third parties. Aligning our Agile oriented team with the development schedules of third parties proved challenging.


The implementation of the flagship brand on a unified platform enabled the business to grow revenue and increase the customers’ experience. The client’s management team remarked how the customer experience improved for external and internal users, revenue grew, and long-term costs were reduced. With perseverance and close coordination, Triverus was able to lead and facilitate this growth.

How We Helped

Triverus brought the leadership, architecture skills and Agile expertise required to take the business vision for digital transformation and turn it into a production solution. 

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