Digital Transformation of a Premier Medical Journal

Triverus led the solution strategy for a major medical journal seeking to drive additional revenue and increase customer engagement through a digital transformation program. This program focused on unifying their customer's identity and profile across 5 separate brands, and unifying the commerce experience allowing for increased cross sell and upsell opportunities. 


The cultural and organization change brought on by a large digital transformation outweigh the technical change. Each brand had different representations of their customers with some overlap and some specialization in each brand. Aligning the organization with the benefits of the unified digital presence proved more challenging than anticipated.


Triverus drove the creation of high-level, future-state requirements, guiding principles and the selection of several key cloud software components. Triverus led the definition of common customer profile across the brand, defined the overall solution architecture and created an implementation roadmap, timeline and budget. The client now has a clear path for executing their digital transformation vision and was able to move immediately into the implementation phase. Triverus was selected to support implementation of key components of the transformation solution.

How We Helped

Triverus brought the leadership and expertise required to take the business vision for digital transformation and turn it into an executable solution vision. 

Technology Strategy
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