Agile Enablement of a State Municipality’s Capital Improvement Program

Triverus led a strategic engagement focused on a division wide effort in process improvements which leads to a pipeline of prioritized construction and road maintenance projects through an agile enablement program. This program focused on enabling four distinct teams, the PMO and the division leadership in core agile principles, practices and methods targeting their workflow visualization, goal setting, and quarterly & sprint planning allowing for increased alignment and transparency towards achieving their division wide strategic goals for process improvements.


The cultural and organization mind-shift brought on by a large agile enablement outweigh the process improvement change. Each team had different representation across the division with some overlap and some specialization in each team. Aligning the teams and organization with the benefits of the unified approach proved more challenging than anticipated.


Triverus drove the delivery of an agile enablement roadmap to quickly establish a common foundation and understanding of key agile methods across all levels of the division. Triverus led the workshops of agile methods & concepts, team dynamics, facilitation, tooling visualization, planning and leaderships role across the division. The client now has a clear understanding of core agile concepts and workflow visualization aligning their teams and providing transparency into the execution of their capital process improvement program. Triverus was selected to support continuous improvement across the program and to help formally establish the PMO in the division.

How We Helped

Triverus brought the leadership and expertise required to enable core agile skills and mind-shift and instill a continuous learning culture focused on quality, alignment and transparency. With our philosophy of meeting the client “where they are,” we helped build on previous knowledge and skills applying agile best practices and approaches to help them move forward.

Agile Enablement
Public Sector
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