Agile Enablement at an Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing Company

Triverus led a strategic engagement focused on a new, global, Cloud-based Analytics Platform focused on helping customers leverage their laboratory data, metadata, improve processes and compliance. This platform also implements advanced data analysis to understand and respond to customer usage of both hardware and software products to further develop and deliver enhanced and new products and services to the marketplace. This program focused on enabling three distinct teams to plan and execute high quality software delivery with predictability, adopt lean-agile principles and practices, and work with senior leadership to implement continuous improvement across the organization.


The cultural and organization mind-shift brought on by a large agile enablement was compounded with developing products in new technologies where experience was lacking. Each team had a mix of a few long-tenured employees, but most were new hires brought in to support the initiative. Aligning the mesh of new hires and tenured associates coupled with learning new technologies compounded the challenge to execute the benefits of a unified approach in a new way of working.


Triverus led workshops on agile methods & concepts, team dynamics, facilitation, tooling visualization, estimation and planning across the teams.  Driving the teams’ product backlog refinement, Triverus quickly established a common cadence which increased the understanding of the priority, sequencing, dependencies and clarity of the teams’ backlogs.  

The client now has clear visibility into the product backlog, team alignment around priorities and sequencing, and transparency into the execution of their global Cloud-based Analytics Platform.  Following this achievement, Triverus was selected to support additional teams on a different product platform to establish transparency and alignment for planning and execution in the Engineering division.

How We Helped

Triverus brought the leadership and expertise required to enable core agile skills and mind-shift to instill a continuous learning culture focused on quality, alignment and transparency. With our philosophy of meeting the client “where they are,” we helped the teams build on previous knowledge and skills to elevate their execution and performance. They were able to apply agile best practices and approaches while respecting the organizations cultural context to help them move forward and achieve the desired outcomes.

Agile Enablement
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