A Pragmatic Approach to Achieving Data Governance Value

A biopharmaceutical company had defined a strategic goal of simplifying and enhancing its global regulatory compliance capabilities. The company had adopted several compliance tools but had yet to define the required business rules and configure the tools effectively across their organization.  

Triverus worked with the organization to assess its current data governance capabilities and implement a program to meet the company’s data privacy and records management goals within three quarters.  


The biopharmaceutical company adopted a broad data governance policy and established both an IT-based data steward team and a cross‑functional data privacy compliance team. However, the organization lacked a clear plan of action and as a result they faced several challenges as they attempted to implement and configure the compliance toolsets.


Triverus worked with the company to understand the current state of their regulatory compliance capabilities and develop a plan to achieve their desired business outcomes. The focus was on their critical applications to ensure they would contain the business logic and metadata needed to update records retention and information classification.  

This led to the development of policies in support of legal, compliance, IT, and global business growth. Additionally, the company’s data users would be provided quicker access to information, increasing the pace of innovation and collaboration.

How We Helped

Triverus collaborated with the client to link their strategic aims with prioritized, achievable actions. We began with a rapid organization and capability assessment, defined a three-stage operational maturity model, and provided an action plan to gain immediate value for governance.

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